Green Screen
Untitled (Selections From The Permanent Collection), 2013
Can you see it?
Spatial Strategies
Secret City
Walking Cycle
Work Makes Work
Pop-Up Ping Pong
MEC: Kulturpark
MEC: The Parade
Taken For a Ride
AOT: One Nighter
The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams
MEC: Second Bridge is Wider, But Not Wide Enough
Footprint In Footprints
Family Dinner
Art of This (Residency Exhibition)
Phase Shifts (Exhibition)
Address is Approximate
Stone Canoe
Carbon Copy
River Suspension
Perpetual Check
Beer Paintbrush
Morning Ritual / Mourning Ritual
Documentation of Visual Disorientation
Walking Down a Hill of Snow
Ag Súil Anuas Ar Cappagh Na Mhalla
if (love == hate){hate == love}
Non-Linear Player
Film Loopers