Ben Moren

Mobile Experiential Cinema: Second Bridge is Wider, But Not Wide Enough is a roving, bicycle mounted cinematic experience that invites audience members to view a series of multi-part film segments that are screened onto the original sites where they were filmed. The project explores the paradox between a film experience and reality, while a narrative story works to blur these boundaries. The project unfolds around a 30 minute short film broken into 5 sections/locations. Audience members travel via bike to each of the locations, and live action events occur at the screening locations and in-between as the ride progresses. Second Bridge is Wider But Not Wide Enough Presents a missing character to the audience. They progress through the city following his path via projected documentary style interviews with his past friends. Live action events include, a car chase, a guard dog, graffiti painting, and the police.

A collaboration with Daniel Dean. Presented by Minneapolis Art on Wheels and Northern at the Northern Spark Festival. Documentation by Eric Schleicher.

Second Bridge is Wider, But Not Wide Enough
public mixed-reality projection performance for bicycles
one hour performance