Ben Moren

Rhyolite Listener invites gallery visitors to take the device to the shores of Lake Superior and listen to the detailed environmental soundscape at the shoreline. The device is configured for close proximity listening of tumbling stones, waves crashing, wind blowing, and water whirling. Modeled after a rhyolite stone, the listener presents a hands-on self-guided experience of the shoreline. Through active listening and focus viewers are invited to see, hear, and understand the environment with a new perspective and attention.

The device was created for the exhibition Air / Openness at the Grand Marais Art Colony Studio 21 Gallery. Gallery Visitors are able to check out the devices and walk to a nearby shoreline for listening.

photo credits: Rik Sferra & Ben Moren

Rhyolite Listener
Custom Electronics, Custom Printed Circuit Board
3.5" x 3.5" x 0.5"