Ben Moren

Rose Colored Glass presents an optimistic approach to contemporary art. The exhibition includes artworks which investigate childhood moments, celebrate cultural heritage, inspire social gathering, find what is precious, memorialize the sincere, ask the “what if’” questions, accept what is lost, and suggest possibilities. The exhibition looks beyond pessimistic viewpoints toward a more buoyant and lively set of interpretations. The show allows these ideas to be approached both from a conceptual and illustrative framework.

Julien Berthier’s drawings present a schematic like solution for unique problems, situations, and conceptual ideas. Frank Big Bear describes his home and life in Northern Minneosta through crisp edges and vibrant colors that move and buzz across the page. Fedalis Buehler balances the ideals of his Polynesian childhood described in his digital drawings with a playful realism that is sensed in his animations. With sensitivity and thoughtful improvisation Viv Corringham reflects in her sound pieces layers of personal meaning taken from her shared art walks. Daniel Eatock’s playful sculptures reference the readymade, yet combine like parts to question what defines an object’s intended use. Michael Gaughan creates performances that blur the real and surreal, inviting inquiry and perspective on common activities. Shana Kaplow investigates the complexities of social gathering through painting while looking at how they define the individual. Oliver Laric uses cultural memes to create videos that investigate repetition and authenticity. Sharon Louden’s organic-life like forms move with uncomplicated play and gestural rhythm through drawing and painting. Jon Nelson recites the pleasure and surprise of his reassembled youthful dreamscape through sound. Tyler Stefanich uses technology to examine our upbringing and cultural conditioning. Anthony Warnick’s conceptual installation and sculpture engage institutional frameworks to show their strengths and flaws.

Julien Berthier
Frank Big Bear
Fedalis Buehler
Viv Corrningham
Daniel Eatock
Michael Gaughan
Shana Kaplow
Oliver Laric
Sharon Louden
Jonathan Nelson
Tyler Stefanich
Anthony Warnick

Rose Colored Glass
July 17 - August 11, 2012
curated by Ben Moren and Josh Ostraff
Katehrine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, Department of Art