Ben Moren

(Video is of a test book from in-production, final copy subject to change)

Please signup below to be notified of pre-order informaion for the forthcoming book; Reference Ecosystem: Lost 40 .The book contains an artist introduction, 80 plates of images giving an overview of the project, and 3 essays.

Ghost Pines: The haunted forests of a machine learning dataset , by Everest Pipkin

Witness trees in a zombie forest: How the pines of the Lost 40 survived the past and portend the future , by Morgan Erickson-Davis

A Forest in a Tree , by Kate Casanova

The book is designed by Sara Fowler.

The book will release in September 2022 with a book launch at the Midway Contemporary Art Library.

Pre Order Reference Ecosystem – Lost 40 book
120 pages
6" x 9"