is a place for media dead-drops. To use it, drag and drop a supported file onto this page, or copy and paste a media url into the box. When you share a piece of media, you will get to see the previous user's share. No files are stored, its a one time anonymous share for the next user. You give one, you get one.

dead-drop takes a new look the way we typically share media in online settings, particularly the rapid rate at which media is shared on social platforms. Social sharing is often a one-to-many experience where share counts become more important than intimacy of watching a film or looking at a photograph with another individual. With, a user who shares something is assured that their media will be seen by one person, they are then rewarded for their thoughtful share by recieving the media that the previous user shared. This creates a one-to-one experience, but still maintains the anonymity and informality that a typical internet shares provide. a collaborative project with Derek Anderson

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