Mobile Experiential Cinema

Mobile Experiential Cinema: Second Bridge is Wider, But Not Wide Enough is a roving, bicycle mounted cinematic experience that invites audience members to view a series of multi-part film segments that are screened onto the original sites where they were filmed. The project explores the paradox between a film experience and reality, while a narrative story works to blur these boundaries. The project revolves around a 30 minute short film broken into 5 sections/locations. Audience members travel via bike to each of the locations, and live action events occur at the screening locations and in-between as the ride progresses. Second Bridge is Wider But Not Wide Enough Presents a missing character to the audience. They progress through the city following his path via projected documentary style interviews with his past friends. Live action events include, a car chase, a guard dog, graffiti painting, and the police.

Presented by MAW Collective and Northern Spark Festival. A collaboration with Daniel Dean. Documentation by Eric Schleicher.